Flawless Ear Training Program (Perfect your Pitch)

If you've been trying to develop your ear with little success, the problem may not be your ear. It may be the method you are using. Traditional and conventional interval and chord training does work, but it takes a lot of time.

Our free Flawless Ear Training course aims to make it easier to train your ear. Rather than completely the same exercises every day, we move step-by-step through the process. You'll develop your ear more naturally and easily using this program. 

The process is simple. Watch and complete the activities in each video daily. When you have mastered one video, move on to the next video. 

You'll soon begin to notice the following benefits:

  • Chords and intervals that were once just a wash of sound become more clear.
  • Your brain will be primed to recognize intervals more easily.
  • Individual pitches will begin to take on their own unique characteristic sound.
  • Music will begin to sound more lively, energetic, and you'll hear a greater complexity of sound.
  • You'll learn to dictate music, taking it from the air and putting it into concrete musical notation.
You can watch the basic videos, which provide all you need to progress. However, these videos may have ads, and you won't get access to the advanced dictations. Or, you can support our efforts through Patreon or by purchasing the first level of the course.

Full Paid Ear Training Course Benefits

  • Ad-free videos
  • Advanced dictations
  • Earlier access to available lessons
  • All videos are available on a single webpage

*The course is in progress. 

Get Started with the Series, and please share with your friends if you find the series useful!

Available Ear Training Lessons


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