How to Change the Notes of the Xylophone

Student-level xylophones come with extra bars that create additional scales, play lower pitches and act as replacements. These extension notes come at the cost of using other more standard pitches. Changing the bars is easy, but it requires you to decide what notes you will not need to use in the composition. It is rare to change the notes since the xylophone comes equipped with the most commonly used pitches.

Step 1

Pull up gently on the bottom of the xylophone bar with one hand. The bottom can be found by looking for the rubber pin located about one and a half inches from the top of the bar. The bottom is not connected and will pull up easily.

Step 2

Press your thumb into the rubber pin located toward the top of the xylophone bar with your other hand. With your index and middle fingers, grab the underside of the top of the bar and pull up.

Step 3

Insert the desired bars onto the xylophone by lining up the hole in the bar with the rubber pin. Push down and gently let the bar fall into place in its slot.


The pitches for each bar are written on the top of each bar.


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