How to Change Songs in Bitrate 32

32 bitrate songs describe a low-quality rate of audio transfer that is used to reduce the quality of the song. Several commercial and free audio-editing applications will allow you to change songs recorded in several audio formats including 32 bitrate. Audacity is a free program used by professional audio editors since it produces high-quality editing in an intuitive and flexible manner. It is possible to cut, splice, edit, remove noise, increase the overall volume and perform several other tasks with this free editor.

Step 1

Download and install the audio-editing program Audacity. It can be found on their main website. There are versions available for Macintosh and PC.

Step 2

Click and drag your 32-bit audio file into the main window of Audacity. This process will automatically analyze your file, determine the sound quality and import it into the editor for editing.

Step 3

View the list of options in the "Edit" and "Effects" menu. Read the documentation on Audacity to learn what each function does, and begin editing your audio file as desired.

Step 4

Export the audio file using the "Export" menu. This step will allow you to choose from several different file types and change your song from 32-bit to another higher or lower quality song format.


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