How to Choose a Cello for a Kid

Choose the right size cello for your child to ensure that it matches her body size. The right size cello can make the difference between an enjoyable first-time playing experience and a complete disaster. Buying a cello that does not fit the child can result in improperly learned cello technique and an avoidance of the instrument in general. Selecting the instrument that fits the child most comfortably will ensure that you give your child the best chances for success.

Step 1

Measure your child from the top of the head to the toes using a tape measure. Write down your kid's size in feet.

Step 2

Eliminate a few options based on the child's height. Kids less than four feet tall need a one-quarter, or one-eighth size, cello. Kids that are between four and five feet need a half-size or three-quarter size cello. Kids that are more than five feet tall should choose a full-size cello.

Step 3

Sit your child up straight in a chair with his feet flat on the floor.

Step 4

Place the cello neck over her left shoulder and adjust the endpin so that the back of the cello rests on the middle of the chest.

Step 5

Select the instrument in which the child can most easily stretch his hands around the neck of the cello and up and down the entire fingerboard.


Select the largest cello that your child can play comfortably, unless you are renting. A cello is an expensive investment and you want to prolong purchasing a new one as long as possible. Whenever possible, it is preferable to provide the child with a full-size cello.


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