How to Choose Songs for a Dance Recital

Picking songs for a dance recital can be daunting with all of the choices available to you. By breaking the process down into more manageable steps, you can choose the music that will best represent your dancers and create a successful recital. Finding music that fits the needs of each performer should be a high priority since the dancer must feel comfortable with the selection and be able to determine where the beat of the music falls.

Step 1

Decide on a theme for your dance recital. A theme can be anything including a favorite movie, book, cartoon character, food or even animal. Be creative, and choose something that provides several options for performances.

Step 2

Select music that fits your theme. If you use a movie soundtrack theme, then choose soundtracks to the same movie or similar types of movies. Make sure to include songs that vary in character and that have a steady beat that can be danced to.

Step 3

Hire a choreographer to review your music choices; she will be able to tell you if the music is suitable for dance and may be able to offer additional suggestions that you didn't think of.

Step 4

Search for music using online digital music stores. These stores make it possible for you to preview music before you purchase it. This will help you review a large selection of music that you might not otherwise know about. Most stores will also let you categorize your search by similar music and genre. This makes it possible to find numerous songs for a single theme quickly.

Step 5

Assign music to dancers based on their characteristics. Don't assign a light and airy song to a dancer that does her best when dancing forcefully and powerfully. Alternatively, avoid giving fast-paced music to a dancer that doesn't have a great deal of speed.


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