How to Keep Speakers From Becoming Brittle

Speakers can become brittle when exposed to harsh elements and not cared for properly. There isn't too much you need to do to protect the exterior of your speakers, but with a few precautions, you can ensure that your speakers have a long life. You need to take care of your speakers, especially if you use speakers in your music recording studio.

Composers need to be able to hear with clarity any balance issues and harmonic problems in electronic and acoustic music. Consider the location, position, and manner in which you clean your speaker to prevent cracking, warping and making the speakers become brittle or cracked. Eventually, you may need to refinish or replace your speakers.

Purchase speaker grill cloth fabric and apply it to the front of the speaker. The cloth will protect your speakers from dust and the sun, while still maintaining a high-quality sound and is an additional layer of protection from the store bought cloth that covers speakers. Also, keep your speakers out of direct sunlight. Sunlight can fade and crack any material, especially the delicate metals and light woods used to construct speakers. Find a cool location for your speakers. Heat from the sun can cause the wood to crack and fade over time.

Clean the speaker case regularly by using a dry cloth. If there is residue on the speakers then lightly dampen the cloth to remove the residue. You shouldn't use commercial furniture cleaners since they will leave a small film on the speaker. Spray water on a cloth and with the speakers unplugged wipe them down. This will prevent foreign material from getting inside the speakers and making them brittle with time. Keep your speakers in a speaker cabinet to further protect them from wear and damage. A speaker cabinet will keep the speakers safe from the elements and mishaps in your home.

Properly maintained speakers should last a very long time. As you use the speakers, the cones on higher quality speakers are broken-in resulting in a higher quality sound. If you have new speakers, consider running your speakers at a medium volume for 24 hours while playing music that you typically play. This allows the speakers to become conditioned and can improve the quality of the sound. Don't blast your speakers at the highest volume when trying to break in your speakers. Blasting may result in a reduction of life and reduce the overall sound quality.

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