How to Get Stuff Out of Trumpet Tubing

With proper maintenance and care, most trumpet blockages are preventable. However, there are times when obstructions are out of the control of the trumpeter. Think methodically about what caused the problem in the first place; evaluate options for repair and removal of the blockage.

Make sure the valves are properly aligned and in the correct casing. Sometimes what appears to be a clogged trumpet is actually just a misaligned or incorrectly assigned valve. On the stem of the trumpet valve is a number. Check, to make sure the numbers line up with the valves. If the valve guide is broken, take the trumpet to a repair shop for its replacement.

Insert a trumpet snake into the opposite end of the blockage. Do not push too forcefully; you may break your trumpet if you do so.

Determine if the clog is in the front of the trumpet. Blowing through the horn may be enough to dislodge the item that is clogging your trumpet.

Remove the valves and try pouring soap into the trumpet. The soap may help to dislodge the material and allow it to slide through the horn. Again, if it does not come out easily, do not forcefully try to remove the object.

Assess whether it is time to take the trumpet to a repair shop. It may not be something you want to do; yet, in most cases of severe clogs, a professional needs to repair your horn to avoid damage to your trumpet. Professional repair shops can remove most clogs easily and safely.


  • Avoid forcing anything through your horn. Damage can incur additional costs if a repair is needed.
  • Do not use any chemicals to remove a clog. Chemicals used to clean a drain can destroy your trumpet.


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