How to Get Water Marks Off a Silver Trumpet

Silver trumpets show all impurities very clearly. Water marks may seem permanent, but it is possible, if you have the right equipment and tools, to remove them from your trumpet. Following a proper cleaning procedure will ensure that your trumpet stays clean and free of fingerprints, oils from your hands and water marks from bringing the trumpet in contact with water. Keeping a clean cloth with you at all times will make the process much simpler in the future.

Step 1

Clean off the trumpet with a damp cloth to remove any accumulated dirt and grime. Dry the trumpet with a second cloth, be sure to completely dry the trumpet of all moisture.

Step 2

Play the trumpet for a few minutes to ensure that the trumpet is at a warm temperature. Warming the trumpet makes it easier to polish your horn.

Step 3

Use a silver, not lacquer, polishing cloth and clean your trumpet in circular motions. This will remove any remaining water spots that were not removed from the initial cleaning.


Avoid using silver polish since it will strip the protective layer on the trumpet. A polishing cloth is all you need to remove water stains. Note that silver polish is not the same thing as a silver polishing cloth. Silver polish is a liquid substance.


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