How to Get Your Own Music Heard

Get exposure for your music by actively seeking out opportunities.

The process of getting your own music heard often turns into a source of personal and financial satisfaction. After spending a lifetime developing your sound and style, you'll discover that the rewards of giving your music a platform for wider distribution come after an exciting albeit difficult endeavor. Many independent musicians have paved the way for you by creating ways to distribute your music to get it heard by larger audiences even while you sleep. Learning about the multitude of ways to get your music heard will increase your success and provide you with a new source of income.

Distribute your music online by signing up with a distributor. Several types of distributors exist, including companies that charge a one-time fee and provide you with a percentage of the profits, and those that charge an annual fee but little to no sales profit. If you don’t plan on selling many recordings, it makes more sense to choose a company that offers a one-time fee setup.

Perform everywhere that offers an opportunity for you to perform. Find local restaurants, coffee shops, music stores, contests and festivals to inquire about performances. Don’t be shy; call the proprietor and tell her you wish to perform in an appropriate venue and would like to discuss options.

Talk with people about your music every chance you get. When a stranger talks to you, find a way to mention an upcoming project. Describe your music in a way that makes people want to listen to your music. Include the style and genre of your music.

Enter contests that support your type of music. Contests exist for every type of musician. ASCAP and BMI, the performing rights organizations, frequently list contests that exist for performers and composers.

Network with musicians and producers at music expositions such as ASCAP’s “I Create Music" Expo. These expositions provide opportunities to distribute your music and connect with other bands and musicians.

Create a website or use one of the many social networking sites to promote your music. Send fans weekly updates and communicate with them on a personal level through your social media platform.

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