How to Get Your Song Discovered

You've written a song that you believe should be heard by the entire world, but you don't yet know how to promote it and get it into the right hands. This is probably the hardest part of being a songwriter and it requires a significant amount of effort and work on your part. There are some ways to increase your exposure and get your song recognized by the people in the industry that will help you succeed.

Start by creating more than one song. You will need more than one song if you are going to play live. Look for band contests and song contests that will allow you to enter your songs for a chance to win publishing contracts or awards.

Promote your songs through your own band's website. Music talent agencies want to see that you have taken the initiative to promote your work before they take you on as an artist. Sign up with a hosting company and use their free template builders. Be sure to include an email address, samples of your songs, and information about your band and upcoming concerts.

Start performing your song locally. Don't wait to get discovered, you need to actively build your presence in your local community first. Most talent agents will want to see that you are capable of creating a following locally. If you don't have a local presence, it is unlikely that they will invest the resources to take you world-wide. Playing live is one of the best ways to get exposure.

Attend music conventions such as ASCAPs "I Create Music" expo that occurs every year. This is an opportunity to meet other songwriters and industry professionals. It is important to network and be able to describe your music to people that ask. Be able to describe your music in a way that stands out and makes people want to listen to your music.

Persevere and do not give up. Continue to work a day job if necessary and teach private lessons. You never know if or when your big break will come. If you are serious about your music then don't give up on it. Continue to train and learn new techniques for songwriting. Tips Warnings Key Concepts promote music song promotion promote song


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