How to Glue Flute Pads

Regular flute maintenance is a requirement for any flutist. Knowing how to replace and glue flute pads is a basic requirement of any emergency repair. Replacing and gluing flute pads is a straightforward process that requires the knowledge of the appropriate type of pads and glue to hold the pads in place. Taking a few minutes to secure the proper materials will make gluing your flute pads easier. Flutes do not require the use of glue to hold pads in place. Glue should be used only temporarily until you can get the flute to the repair shop.

Step 1

Establish the type of contact adhesive you would like to use. Go to a local hardware store and select any contact adhesive that may be used in household projects. Don't use a permanent type of glue such as epoxy because you will eventually want to have the pad replaced professionally.

Step 2

Determine how the pad should fit inside the cup. Make sure that the pad is positioned so that when the key is depressed the entire keyhole will be covered by the pad.

Step 3

Glue the pad in place by using the brush that comes with the contact adhesive. Use just enough to coat the inside of the cup and then insert the pad into the flute key cup.

Step 4

Keep the cup pressed against the keyhole for about 15 minutes to ensure that the pad and the keyhole match appropriately when the keys are depressed. You may wrap a towel around the keys or use a rubber vise to lightly hold the keys in place. Avoid using extreme pressure.

Do not bend the keys. Take the instrument to a professional if the keys do not line up.


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