How to Help a Weak Voice

Weak voices are the cause of poor breath support. By learning to breathe correctly using a process called "diaphragmatic breathing," you can greatly increase the strength and power of your voice. Whether you wish to improve your voice to be a stronger public speaker or you want to improve your singing voice, diaphragmatic breathing can help you to improve your tone. Breathing naturally and safely will provide the support and technique you need to improve your voice.

Step 1

Stand up straight with your neck relaxed and your shoulders slightly back. Feel your body for any tension and relax the tense portions of your body.

Step 2

Place your hands on both sides of your waist, so that you can feel your sides while you breathe.

Step 3

Take in a breath for 4 seconds, using your diaphragm muscles to control your breathing. Pull the air into your lungs and let your sides and stomach expand. You should feel your sides push outward against your hands.

Step 4

Breathe out for 6 seconds and repeat the process of breathing for at least 1 minute. This will improve your breath control and voice.

Step 5

Sing or speak by breathing from your diaphragm and using your stomach to help push the air through your vocal folds or vocal cords.


Drink tea with honey before a performance to warm up your vocal cords.

Stay hydrated to ensure that your vocal folds stay lubricated.


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