How to Hit Middle B on the Clarinet

It is often difficult to determine the best fingering to use on the clarinet. Many fingering combinations are available for each pitch, especially middle B. Some combinations will sound better than others, and some combinations will make it easier to play several consecutive pitches. The most commonly used fingers are the ones that sound the best and avoid awkward fingerings. Learning how to hit middle B on the clarinet with the correct finger will help you improve your ability.

Step 1

Hold your clarinet with your fingers on the proper keys to prepare to play middle B. The left hand should cover the first three keys, with the thumb supporting the clarinet below the instrument and hovering over the hole on the back of the clarinet. The thumb hole is often covered when playing any pitch. The right hand should cover the next three keys starting with the index finger. The right hand should be placed on the first key where the clarinet connects between the top and bottom.

Step 2

Press down the following keys: With your left hand, press the back key with your thumb and the three remaining left-hand keys as well as the extension key with your pinky. With your right hand, press down the three right-hand keys. This will allow you to hit middle B.

Step 3

Practice slurring from A to B to get used to going over the break in the clarinet. This makes it possible to get used to the feel of B on the clarinet.


Bb Clarinet Fingering Chart []


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