How to Hold the Music While Playing a Roland Keyboard

Because most Roland keyboards do not come with a music stand built into the keyboard, it will be necessary to find another solution for holding your music. Keyboards are generally used in popular music, and the performer is expected to be able to memorize his or her music before a concert. For this reason, the manufacturer has decided that the built-in music stand that is part of most electronic keyboards and pianos is not needed.

Step 1

Decide what type of music stand you would like to use. There are wooden stands, steel stands with covered backs, and folding stands designed for travel. If you plan to memorize your music, you may wish to purchase a solid steel or wood stand. It will last longer and look more attractive in your studio.

Step 2

Purchase the music stand or stands of your choice to use with your Roland keyboard. Buying two stands, one for traveling and one for studio use, is the most convenient option for most musicians.

Step 3

Place the music on the stand in back of your Roland keyboard. If you are playing outside and you wish to use the stand in the performance, make sure to have paper clips handy to hold down the music. You may also wish to use a notebook with clear plastic sheets in which to put your music. It is impractical to have to physically hold your music and play at the same time. Purchasing a separate stand is the best option.


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