How to Hold a Piccolo Trumpet

The piccolo trumpet comes with its own set of issues for posture and playability. Holding a piccolo trumpet is similar to holding a regular trumpet, but the hand position is much more compact, and the pinky of the right hand has to be placed in a specific location. Learning how to hold the piccolo trumpet is the first step toward learning how to play this difficult instrument. The benefit of playing the piccolo trumpet in addition to the B-flat trumpet is that you will have more performance opportunities that will help you find paying performances.

Step 1

Sit with proper posture. Your back should be straight, your shoulders relaxed and your head and neck should be loose and free of tension.

Step 2

With your right hand, wrap the thumb underneath the lead-pipe to help support the instrument. Place your index finger on the first valve, the middle finger on the second valve and the ring finger on the third valve. The pinky will rest on the side of the tubing that connects with the third valve.

Step 3

Curve your left thumb around the first valve casing beneath the right thumb. Place the remaining fingers along the side of the valves on the left-hand side and underneath the top of the piccolo trumpet tubing and above the tuning slides.


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