How to Hold Your Hands on a Guitar

Whether you are playing an electric or acoustic guitar, the guidelines for holding a guitar are the same. Those who have to play while standing in a band will need to purchase a neck strap for that purpose. The initial guitar design allowed it to rest comfortably on your lap, but they were also light enough to play while walking. As the guitar increased in size and weight, the use of a neck strap became an important piece of equipment for all guitarists.


Step 1

Sit with your knees high enough to support the guitar and allow you to comfortably reach the neck and bridge.

Step 2

Place your left hand on the neck of the guitar with your thumb supporting the guitar from the back. Your fingers should curl around the underside of the guitar so that you can easily reach the strings.

Step 3

Position your right arm over the dip in the guitar. It was designed for this purpose to reduce tension in the arm. The right fingers strum the guitar, or you can use a pick.


Step 1

Attach a neck strap to your guitar on both ends.

Step 2

Place the strap over your left shoulder and behind the underside of your right arm. Make sure the strap isn't too loose. The middle part of the guitar should be no lower than the midpoint of your hips.

Step 3

Avoid hunching as it will promote bad posture and you need to use your legs to support the majority of the weight of the guitar. Putting the majority of the weight on your legs will reduce pressure on your neck and free up your hands to play freely.

Step 4

Put your right arm on the top of the guitar and position your right hand so that it is in comfortable position to strum at the bridge of the guitar.

Step 5

Position your left hand underneath the top of the neck on the guitar. Each finger will be used to play a different fret, so use your thumb to help support the weight of the guitar. Curl your fingers around the guitar.


  • Don't crouch over the guitar; you should sit so that the guitar sits comfortably and your back is straight.
  • Angle your right forearm so that you can easily rotate the arm and strum the guitar.


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