How to Increase Volume of Recorded WAV Files

Recorded audio is capable of manipulation in profound and dramatic ways. One of the simpler methods of manipulating audio involves a process called normalization. To increase the volume of a recorded .wav file all you need is an audio-editing program and a little knowledge about how the process of normalization works. Normalizing music uniformly raises the volume on the entire song.

Step 1

Download the free audio-editing program Audacity. The link is available in the resource section.

Step 2

Install the audio program by following the instructions for the program.

Step 3

Start the program and go to the file menu. Select "Import" and then "Audio." Select the wave file that you would like to normalize.

Step 4

Open the "Effect" menu and select the "Normalize" option. Press "OK" and let the program work.

Step 5

Open the file menu and select "Export." Save the file and press "OK." The file will be saved and will be as loud as possible without distorting the music.


Be careful if you are monitoring the music with headphones. If you do something wrong, you may get an earful of static. This can seriously damage your hearing. It is best to monitor with the volume down to prevent injury.


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