How to Insert an MP3 Using Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver makes it incredibly easy to place an MP3 file in your website. If you know how to create websites with Dreamweaver, then adding an MP3 is a simple process. MP3s can add value and entertainment to your site. If you are a musician who wants to let the world listen to your music, a website with MP3s is the most economical way to spread your music and gain followers.

Step 1

Start Dreamweaver and open the Web page where you would like to insert an MP3. Click the "Design" tab to ensure that you are editing in Design mode.

Step 2

Place the MP3 file you plan to use onto your desktop for easy access. Then drag the MP3 where you would like it to appear on your website. You will get a message asking if you would like to copy the file to your directory. Confirm that you wish to copy the file and click "OK."

Step 3

Publish your website with your new MP3 file. Visitors will be able to click on the file and listen to it online.


Dreamweaver: Dreamweaver CS3 resources []


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