How to Install a Round Mute on a Violin

Violin mutes will soften the sound of a violin when applied properly. Round rubber mutes are extremely efficient and can be installed in a matter of seconds. They attach to the violin between two strings and rest over the bridge to reduce the intensity of vibrations sent to the acoustic chamber of the violin. This reduces the amount of sound created and softens the sound of the violin. These mutes reduce the risk of damage to the bridge since they are made of rubber instead of the more typical wire-based mutes.

Step 1

Separate the two rubber components of the round violin mute by pulling on the top and bottom of the mute.

Step 2

Find the top part of the mute that has a small ledge a few centimeters wide and a flap that is designed to fit over the bridge. The ledge rests on top of the bridge. There are two round holes toward the middle of the mute. Slide the mute over the center two D and A strings, between the tailpiece and the bridge with the flap on the side of the bridge facing the violin neck. The other side of the mute should face the tailpiece.

Step 3

Reconnect the bottom part of the mute by pressing it into the grips from the top part of the violin mute. These parts should slide together easily; if they don't, turn the bottom part around since you have put the bottom part on backwards. The bottom part of the mute goes on the side of the bridge closest to the tailpiece.


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