How to Install a Slide-on Mute on a Johnson Violin

Installing a slide-on mute on a Johnson violin requires the same process used for any other violin. The mute slides on over the strings by widening the wire slit between the two metal braces on the mute. The mute can stay on the instrument when not in use. When you are ready to use the mute, all you have to do is slide the mute up until it makes contact with the bridge. Knowing how to install and use a mute quickly makes it possible to get ready for muted passages at a moment's notice.

Step 1

Place the wire mute on top of the strings and in front of the bridge. The metal piece with the three pieces of cork should be facing towards the neck, while the brace should be facing towards the bridge.

Step 2

Widen the two metal braces of the mute by placing your thumb and index finger between the braces and pressing them apart. This will widen the slit in the middle of the mute and allow you to slide the mute onto the strings.

Step 3

Place the D and A strings between the metal braces and release your fingers to affix the mute over the strings.

Step 4

Slide the metal brace up and over the bridge when you are ready to play muted. When not in use, you may remove it or slide it back down the bridge towards the neck.

SharMusic: Slide-On Violin Mute []


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