How To Install a Water Key on a Trumpet

Trumpets come from the manufacturer with water keys installed. However, there are occasions when the water key is loose or has broken off and needs to be repaired. If you are not comfortable with soldering, then you need to take the trumpet to a repair shop. For someone who feels confident with a soldering iron, it's possible to install a water key with just a few tools.

Step 1

Remove the slide with the water key opening from the trumpet. Buff away any old solder away with a chamois wheel.

Step 2

Wrap a cloth around the slide to protect the instrument. Place the trumpet slide loosely, but securely, in a vise so that it does not move.

Step 3

Position the water key on the trumpet with an alignment pin so that the key makes contact with the hole in the trumpet and completely covers the water key hole. This prevents leaking air while playing.

Step 4

Apply heat and solder to the water key. Use just enough solder to hold the key in place. Avoid using too much solder for appearance purposes.

Step 5

Re-assemble the trumpet by placing the slide back on the trumpet.



Use caution when handling a soldering gun. Get help from someone who is experienced in soldering, if necessary.


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