How to Keep an Oboe Case Clean

An oboe case can be difficult to keep clean, especially because the oils and the moisture from the oboe can create a mess when placed back inside the case. To prevent this, some basic maintenance on the oboe must be completed before returning the instrument to the case. By doing this, you can prevent debris from getting into the case as well as protect your oboe. The case should also be periodically cleaned.


Step 1

Vacuum the oboe case with a bristle attachment to initially remove any debris that may be left in the case.

Step 2

Dust the inside of the case with a feather duster to ensure that no dust was left behind by the vacuum cleaner.

Step 3

Wipe down the insides of the case with a slightly damp, but not wet, cloth. This removes any remaining debris.


Step 1

Close the case after you've removed your oboe to play. Many oboists keep the case open during practice sessions. This is unnecessary and allows debris to enter the case.

Step 2

Clean the oboe by using a cleaning rod and running it through the inside of the clarinet barrel. Wipe down the outside of the oboe after use with a dry cloth. This ensures the oboe is clean before placing it in the case.

Step 3

Wrap the oboe in a cloth before putting it back in the case. This ensures that any debris left on the oboe won't fall into the case.


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