How to Polish a Trombone

Most trombones consist of brass alloys.

Provided you have already cleaned your trombone, polishing is a process that does not require much preparation. Polishing your trombone will help keep the luster and maintain the appearance of your instrument. Most trombones are made of brass. You can tell by the color of the instrument. Instruments that are gold colored will need a brass or lacquer polishing cloth. Those that are silver colored will need a silver polishing cloth. Avoid common mistakes and the risk of stripping your lacquer by avoiding commercial silver and brass polishing agents.

Step 1

Ensure that the outside of the trombone is clean and free of oils and debris. You can bathe your trombone in a mild soap in the bathtub to prepare the instrument for polishing.

Step 2

Determine the materials used in the instrument. If the instrument is brass use a brass or lacquer polishing cloth. If the instrument is silver, use a silver polishing cloth. The color of the instrument will indicate the type of materials used.

Step 3

Polish the instrument use a light, circular motion. Start from the end of the bell and work your way around the trombone. Avoid polishing the slide; simply applying lubricant to the slide is all that is needed. Avoid forceful motions when polishing the trombone.


Avoid harsh chemicals as they will strip the lacquer or silver plating.


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