How to Prevent Dryness in the Mouth from Playing a Trumpet

Dry mouth can be a serious problem for a trumpet player.

Dryness in the mouth while playing the trumpet can completely destroy your ability to perform. Learning about the items in your diet that will create dryness is the first step toward eliminating this problem. Trumpet players that play for extended periods of time will experience this issue more commonly. However, with a little knowledge of what causes dryness while playing, you can easily reduce, and in many cases completely eliminate a dry mouth.

Step 1

Avoid sugary drinks, caffeine, smoking or alcohol. All these things are known to cause a dry mouth.

Step 2

Stay hydrated while playing. Keeping a water bottle next to your music stand and sip water during rests and between performances.

Step 3

Find ways to relax while playing, often stage fright creates a dry mouth. Close your eyes before a performance and find a quiet place to relax.

Step 4

Use a humidifier at night, in your home, or if you have dry mouth at several points throughout the day.

While lozenges will help treat a dry mouth, you can't suck on them while playing an instrument. The sugars can gum up the valves and negatively affect your instrument. Consult a doctor if you have a persistent dry mouth, it could be the symptom of a more-serious problem.


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