How to Record a Guitar to GarageBand

Recording your guitar with GarageBand takes only a few moments.

GarageBand by Apple makes it possible to quickly and easily record acoustic instruments and then manipulate and edit the resultant audio file. You will need to hook up a microphone to your computer in order to record from GarageBand. However, most Macintosh computers have a microphone built into the hardware. For this reason, recording with GarageBand consists of a simple process that will allow you to quickly begin to make and record your own music.

Step 1

Open the GarageBand application by double-clicking on the icon in the Applications folder.

Step 2

Select the guitar icon in the "New Project" window.

Step 3

Create a new file by selecting "Create" when the dialog box appears. If you know the time signature of your piece, enter that in the time signature box.

Step 4

Press the round "Record" button at the bottom of the screen and start playing into the microphone. The record button looks like a circle with a red dot in the middle. When you are done playing, press the "Record" button again, then press the "Play" button to stop the cursor from moving.


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