How to Remember Music

Memorizing music can be difficult at first, but with practice, learning to remember music is something that will get easier. Many musicians are required to memorize their solo literature before performing on stage. This has several advantages: A musician who has memorized his music will have a better understanding of it, be less likely to make a mistake in performance and will slowly build a repertoire for on-demand performances.

Step 1

Start by learning to play the piece with the sheet music. If you can't play it with the music in front of you, it will not be possible to memorize the piece. Practice the difficult sections independently of the rest of the piece before putting the whole thing together.

Step 2

Memorize one phrase at a time. Write out the lyrics, if there are any, and memorize those first. Don't move on until you have memorized the first four to eight bars. Once you have this section memorized, move on to the next.

Step 3

Memorize another four to eight bars. Once you feel comfortable with this section of the music, go back and add the first section. If you make any mistakes keep practicing these combined sections until you can play it perfectly from memory.

Step 4

Continue to memorize the entire composition in this way. Often, music -- especially from the Classical period -- will repeat itself. This will make memorization easier. Don't worry about how long it takes to memorize your first piece. The first composition always takes more time. Memorization will get easier with subsequent pieces.

Step 5

Mentally play through the piece. Imagine playing or singing every single note. This is a good way to practice without wearing yourself out. By practicing in this way, you will find that the music is easier to learn.


Find a private instructor to help you learn your music. It is also essential to learn to play an instrument properly if you want to succeed and have a long career.


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