How to Remove Dents From Trumpet Ball Bearings

Repairing dents in a lead pipe can be accomplished with ball bearings.

Dents in a trumpet impair its sound and cause it to lose pitch. Small dents, especially in the lead pipe, create issues with intonation and tone quality. One method to remove dents involves using trumpet ball bearings made of steel that are the same size as the lead pipe. You can special order the right size ball bearing from a music store in your area. Normally, ball bearings are only available to trumpet manufacturers and music repair shops. However, any steel ball that fits inside the lead pipe of your trumpet will work.

Step 1

Measure the lead pipe opening of your trumpet and find a ball bearing that will fit inside the trumpet lead pipe. It doesn't have to fit snugly, as long as the ball bearing fits inside easily. The most commonly used ball bearing that works on most trumpets is 1/4 inch wide.

Step 2

Wrap a heavy-duty magnet in a soft cloth and place the magnet on top of the tubing in which the dent exists.

Step 3

Place the ball bearing inside of the trumpet and use the magnet to roll the ball over the dent from the inside of the trumpet. Continue to roll over the dent until the dent disappears.


Most music stores will remove dents in your instrument for a small fee. Consider getting an evaluation from a music store before attempting this repair yourself.


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