How to Remove Tape Hiss From Recordings

There are free and commercial options available to remove tape hiss from a recording. Using an audio editor of your choice, you can easily and quickly use a filter to remove the frequencies in which the sound of the tape hiss exists. You'll need an audio program that has a high-pass filter. These filters will attenuate any frequencies below a threshold that you set.

Step 1

Open your audio editing program and look for an "Effect," "Audio Processing" or "Audio Editing" menu. Select this menu and then select the option to use your high-pass filter.

Step 2

Find the options in the high-pass filter menu. There are typically three options: rolloff, filter quality and cutoff frequency. Look for the box that says cutoff frequency and enter in the number 60. This will attenuate any frequencies below 60 hertz.

Step 3

Press "OK" to finalize and allow the audio-editing program to attenuate the frequencies. Listen to the audio playback. If the tape hiss remains, complete this process again, increasing the cutoff frequency by 5 hertz at a time.


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