How to Tell What Size Cello You Should Play

Experiment with different sizes of cellos to judge what feels right.

Finding the correct cello size to fit your body type does not pose as much of a challenge as many people think. This is due in large part to the manner in which you play the cello, sitting instead of standing. Knowing what cello will fit you best is a matter of evaluating your age and size.

Consider your age in choosing the correct cello size, assuming that your height is average. A 4- to 5-year-old should choose a one-eighth size cello. Children ages 5 to 7 should start with a quarter-size cello. The half-size cellos are for 7- to 12-years-old, and the three-quarter size cellos fit children up to 15. Adults and older teenagers should choose a full-size cello.

Sit at the edge of a chair with the cello between your legs. Use proper posture to evaluate whether the cello fits your body type. The top of the cello should rest on the middle of your chest. The scroll should extend to just behind your ear while your feet remain firmly planted on the floor on either side of the cello. Adjust the cello base pin to raise or lower the cello as needed.

Stretch your arms around the cello to determine whether you can easily touch the neck and bridge of the instrument. If the arms fall short of touching the bridge, try a smaller cello. If the cello feels small and you can easily wrap your arms around the cello, try the next size up.

Attempt to play the cello and see whether you feel cramped or if you are stretching too far to play. If you attempt a major scale and find that the stretch between your fingers is too wide, this is an indicator to choose a smaller cello. If your fingers cramp and don't have room to move on the neck of the cello, consider a larger cello.


If you are shorter than average, try a cello smaller than the size recommended for your age. The important thing is that you select a cello that fits your body.


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