How to Tighten Violin Pegs

The four pegs on the violin are used to create string tension.

Tightening the pegs of a violin often causes confusion for beginning violinists. If the pegs are loose, beginners often mistakenly blame it on the holes in the violin and assume that the holes have become too large or the pegs are in the wrong position. Usually, it is simply a matter of winding the strings before inserting the pegs into the peg box. If you have slipping pegs, chances are you need to follow a few simple steps to remedy the problem.

Loosen the peg by turning it counterclockwise. This will unravel the string. Retighten the string by gently pushing the peg in while turning it clockwise to both create string tension and tighten the violin peg. Refrain from pressing the peg into the peg box.

Pluck the string to check the tuning and match the string with the piano to verify that the string is tight enough to produce the correct pitch. Continue this process with the rest of the strings.


You should only have to complete this process when the pegs start slipping. If your pegs do not slip, simply turn the pegs clockwise to tighten them.


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