How to Use EQ Audio

Equalizers come in three basic varieties: the shelving filter equalizer, parametric equalizer and graphic equalizer. On a basic level, each equalizer filters out sound according to user input. Learning to adjust all of the knobs and levers requires a well-tuned ear and an understanding of how to achieve a flat frequency response. A flat response is simply a well-balanced response where each frequency comes through evenly.

Set all of the frequency setting levers about three quarters of the way from the bottom. This will help ensure that you have a good overall middle range. Start with the lowest frequency setting on your equalizer; this will be around 60 Hertz. Start by setting this lever about half way down. Listen to the sound and decide if the bass frequency should be limited further. If you want less rumbling, lower the lever further. If you want more bass turn it up.

Continue to the highest frequency. Set the highest frequency in the middle and then increase the lever higher to create more highs, or lower the lever to remove more highs on the system. Most systems do well with this setting just slightly higher than the bass.

Adjust the second lowest frequency. This should be slightly higher than the lowest frequency setting. The second highest setting should be adjusted after the second lowest. The second highest should be slightly higher than the second lowest.

Position the middle lever just above the other four sliders. These levers affect the mid-range sounds.


  • When adjusting an equalizer, you have to use your ears to adjust to your personal preferences. Listen to each adjustment and go with what sound best to you.
  • If you have more than five bands on your system, follow the same sequence. Start with the lowest, and then alternate from high to low until you finally adjust the sliders in the middle.
  • Think of each lever as a volume control. Turning it up increases the level of a certain frequency, turning it down lowers it.


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