How to Use Sennheiser Headphones

Headphones are great for privacy and can help to minimize outside noises.

When purchasing a higher quality headphone set such as those made by Sennheiser, there is often a suggested break-in period. This break-in period allows the headphones to begin working properly and conditions the drivers to sound properly. Conditioning the headphones is necessary before the true sound of the headphones can come through.

Determine the type of music you will listen to regularly with your new headphones. There should be a wide range of dynamics as well as a range of pitches from high to low. Gustav Mahler symphonies are great for getting your headphones ready for use.

Start playing music through the headphones at about half the complete volume. Let the music run on a loop overnight. Some of the higher quality headphones will need up to 3 days to completely burn in.

Find the the ear-cup marked with an "L" and make sure that this earphone is placed on your left ear. The ear-cup marked with an "R" is intended for your right ear. This is important because audio engineers recreate musical environments in which each ear should hear a specific part, similar to the way the band and speakers are set up across the stage at a concert. Music is intended to surround you.

Listen to your music and enjoy!


There are audio files that can be downloaded from the internet to enhance the break-in period.


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