How to Use Splash Cymbals

The splash cymbal emits a characteristic sound useful for timbral coloring.

Splash cymbals are small 6- to 12-inch diameter cymbals that accompany a standard drum set. The splash cymbal has several uses and may be used standalone or with other cymbal crashes. It is a good idea to learn about the different methods of using a splash cymbal to learn their capabilities. Learning to use a splash cymbal will increase your proficiency and demand as a drummer.

Mount the splash cymbal on a standard drum stand by unscrewing the screw on top of the stand and placing the splash cymbal on top of the mount. Securely tighten the screw to prevent the cymbal from flying off.

Strike the splash cymbal with a mallet to create the characteristic high pitched, quiet and shortly sustained cymbal sound.

Play the splash cymbal in unison with a snare drum, hi-hat or even kick drum. The splash cymbal adds an aura of sound to whatever instrument it plays with.

Turn the splash cymbal upside down and mount it on top of a traditional crash cymbal to achieve a slightly subdued dampened sound.


Mount the splash cymbal with a specialized boom arm to save space.


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