How to Write Bass & Middle C on Piano

Middle C on the piano is the C closest to the middle.

The piano is an instrument capable of playing both treble and bass clef. Middle C is a pitch on the piano written in either the bass or the treble clef. Learning to write bass notes and middle C will give the composer and pianist access to all of the notes in the bass clef. The student should acquire this fundamental skill early on. Typically, only the treble clef is learned when musicians first start out. For a pianist, the bass is just as important as the treble.

Learn to write a bass clef. The bass clef looks like a backwards C with two dots that fall on the third and the fourth spaces from the bottom. These dots surround the note F that is directly below middle C. This information will aid you in determining other notes.

Write middle C by using a ledger line. Draw a note head sitting just above the top of the bass clef staff. Leave a small space between the bottom of the note and the top of the staff. Draw a short line just wider than the width of a note through the center of the note head. This is middle C.

Learn to write the rest of the notes in the bass. The lowest note on the staff is a G. The lowest line on the staff is an A. From there, each pitch moves alphabetically, returning to A once you have reached G again.


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