How to Write a Music Appreciation Paper

Writing a research paper requires concentration.

Writing a music appreciation paper can seem overwhelming, especially if the subject is something you consider to be uninteresting or confusing. Regardless of the topic, there are ways to overcome and write a paper that will impress the teacher and earn that A. Set aside the time necessary to research the topic thoroughly and follow this systematic guide to write a music appreciation paper that not only garners you the grade you want, but also teaches you a thing or two about the topic at hand.

Gather the needed materials and begin the research, and investigate the topic thoroughly. Use the Internet, library, resources from the classroom and any personal knowledge to form a unique personal viewpoint on the subject.

Taking notes will make the writing process easier, but you should take notes as the research is completed. If there are any interesting quotes write them on a note card along with the publication's information. This will enable the citing of relevant sources and add credibility to the paper.

Prepare to write by reading material on the subject. Read intensively about the subject. Learn about the topic so that when it comes time to write the paper it is possible to write with a unique interpretation. Become as much of an expert as possible about the topic.

Break the paper down into sections to make writing easier. Arrange the paper into highly defined sections: introduction, history, relevant information and conclusion.

Write the introduction. This section should include a thesis and an introduction to the topic. Avoid discussing any of the details in this section. This section should prepare the reader for the rest of the paper.

Write about the history of the assigned topic. This is a good way to show research was completed. Quotes are especially helpful in this section of the paper. Use specific examples to bring life to your topic.

Write several paragraphs about the topic. These paragraphs should contain specific examples, such as discussing the composers involved and detailing the environment that the composer was working in. If the paper is about Beethoven, for example, you could discuss how Napoleon influenced his music.

Discuss the types of instruments common to the music. Include topics that deal with the instruments used, social conditions and effects of the particular music on society.

Summarize the paper. Write the conclusion to the paper. Give an overview of the topic, and summarize the findings from the paper.


  • Develop a personal opinion on the topic. Support that opinion throughout the entire paper.
  • Take notes anytime something interesting or relevant to the topic comes up.
  • Support your position with facts and citations.
  • Do not wait until the last minute to complete the paper.
  • Writing requires time, and it is important to allow time for editing.
  • Do not plagiarize. Plagiarism is a serious offense and if caught, it is possible to be removed from the school.
  • Cite everything and include a Bibliography or Works Cited page.


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