Musical Decoration Ideas

Musical decorations provide several options for spicing up your home or office. There are several options available if you have a little time and creativity to put them into action. Use subtle decorations to help enhance rather than bombard your visitors with the music theme. These decorations also can serve as excellent presents for someone that is musically inclined.


Purchase a plain wreath from an art store. You can choose to have a wreath made of sticks, flowers or even pine needles. Choose the wreath that fits your style. While in the art store, pick up some music note medallions, ribbon with music notes and small miniature musical instrument pins. Wrap the ribbon around the wreath and provide a separation of about 1 inch between the ribbons thread. Decorate the wreath with your musical items. Be creative and arrange the items in a way that is eye-catching and visually appealing.


Rather than using specific musical decorations, be abstract and creative in your choice of flowers. Decorate with trumpet flowers, lyre pods, scarlet buglers or the viola flower. You can decorate the vase by purchasing a set of string that consists of small musical notes. These strings can be found in most art stores. Lyre flowers are shaped like a lyre or harp. Trumpet flowers resemble the bell of a trumpet. Scarlet buglers have bright red leaves and resemble a bugle bell. The viola flower is named for its round look and dark markings similar to the F-Holes on a viola.


A musical centerpiece is a great idea for a kitchen table or even a conversation piece in an office. The base could use a musical score pattern and the main portion of the centerpiece can use musical items, such as miniature trumpets, trombones, and French horns. You can even set up a small orchestra and purchase a small conductor figurine with a baton conducting the orchestra. A small stage could be built, and you can place the finished work in a corner or as the main decoration in plain view.


Purchase some solid color candles to allow the decorations to stand out. Place music decals and carve larger candles into treble and bass clef figures. You also can cut candles into musical notes or draw directly on the candles with colored markers. If you don't want to damage the shape of your candles, place the candles in glass jars and paint the sides of the jars with musical themes, such as trumpets, singers, musical notes and orchestra instruments. This is a great craft to complete with kids.


Chimes are both musical and have the potential to incorporate musical symbols. Purchase a set of wooden, metal, glass or even plastic chimes. Attach musical ornaments to the end of the chimes, or string a treble or bass clef symbol made of steel straight through the middle of the chime. Many chimes have a center part that interacts and hits the chimes to produce sound. Remove this piece and replace it with a music medallion or medal to make the decoration more musical themed.


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