Musical Science Projects for 7th Graders

Ask the science teacher for help in formulating your experiment.

Music science projects for seventh-grade students should test your ability to follow a scientific process and use the scientific method. The outcome of your project will not be as important as your ability to follow your teachers' suggestions and test your hypothesis to determine if it is true.

Music and Plant Growth

The effect of music on plant growth is a fun experiment with a little time and proper preparation. The experiment should ideally last for one month. You will need to control all variables of light, watering, type of plant and any special fertilization used. Buy a light that is made for plants so that you can isolate the plants in separate areas. You should have at least two plants; play music continuously to the first plant and leave the other plant as a control without music. You can also experiment with different types of music, as well as different types and sizes of plants.

Music and Heart Rate

Select different types of music and several participants. Have someone that is capable of taking a pulse monitor the heart rate of a participant at a resting pace, then again while listening to different types of music. Test to see if specific types of music will affect people in different ways. Make sure to take good notes and have more than one participant to get a good survey.

Music and Concentration

Have participants read a passage and then answer questions based on that passage. Choose questions from a standardized book where all of the reading comprehension is at the same level. Try to choose people of the same basic educational level. For each participant, have them read five passages while listening to music and five without listening to music. See if there is any difference in comprehension between reading completed while listening to music and reading completed while not listening to music.

Music and Running

Ask a group of runners to participate in a study. On the first day, have them race and record their fastest times running a mile. Take the set of runners that had similar times and ask them to come back the next day for a study. Try to get a group of at least five to ten runners so that there will be enough data to work with. Let half of the runners run without music and half of them run with music. Time them and let them run a mile. See if there is a significant difference between those that ran with music and those that ran without. To control the experiment, make sure to have each student listen to the same type of music. You can also try varying the music on different days to see if the type of music has an effect on the runners.


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