Repairing a Crack in a Clarinet

Some clarinet cracks can be repaired with simple fixes.

Repairing large cracks in a clarinet is a process that must be performed by a qualified technician. Some minor cracks in specific locations can be repaired on your own. If the crack is in the upper joint or main body, you will need to have a professional pin the instrument by drilling minute holes in the instrument and inserting steel rods into the holes to fuse the instrument together. Cracks in tone holes must also be replaced by a professional since they require special care and professional training to fix correctly.

  1. Determine the severity of the crack in your clarinet. If it is large, is on one of the tenons or on the bell, the only practical thing to do is replace the part that is damaged. You can order parts from a local music store.
  2. Fix a small hairline crack in a tenon or the sockets by tightening the metal bands around the clarinet to prevent the crack from spreading. These small cracks won't affect the sound and it is best to monitor them and fix them only when the cracks have become large and affect the playability of the instrument.
  3. Purchase a tenon cap and place it over the tip of the tenon if you see any cracking in the tenons. This will prevent future splitting.


Hire a professional if the cracks are severe. You will save money in the long run by fixing cracks correctly the first time.


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