Sound Blaster Alternatives

Improve your listening experience by choosing pro audio equipment.

There comes a point in the life of a serious music enthusiast that they begin to look for alternatives to commercial grade audio cards. The good news is that there are several alternatives to the more well-known Soundblaster devices. The alternatives are expensive but well worth it if you are running a digital audio studio, recording audio on the go or just want to increase the fidelity of your sound.

Echo Digital Audio Corporation

Echo Digital Audio Corporation produces high-end professional audio products. It was among the first corporations to begin designing professional audio products in the 1980s. As a pioneer in the field, it has extensive experience and product support. The hardware is manufactured is high-end pro-audio equipment that has been used not just in music, but in scientific field experiments.

Lynx Studio Technology

Lynx Studio Technology has been in business since 1998. Lynx has a reputation for its high-quality professional audio components and outstanding customer support. It is possible to contact the company directly or visit its active community forums to receive recording advice, tips and troubleshooting instructions for devices. It boasts a wider range of products than Echo audio and has a significant amount of experience in the development and design of commercial professional audio devices.

Sennheiser Pro Audio

Sennheiser has a much greater range of products than most of the other professional audio manufacturers. With this range comes additional choice and it is possible to select from a broader range of products. Whether the goal is to find an alternative, but a comparable option to Soundblaster or to get into pro-audio listening, Sennheiser has a wide variety of options available for consumers. This company has a long history of excellence and was established in 1945 in Wedemark, Germany.

M-Audio Pro Audio

M-Audio, owned by Avid Corporation, has been creating audio and video editing products since 1987. It provides a range of products for general consumers and audio enthusiasts. The company boasts a diverse product selection that includes keyboards, headsets, audio devices, and accessories. Its products often come coupled with pro-audio notation software like Sibelius. With great product support and outstanding customer service, M-Audio is a great alternative to Soundblaster.


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