Suggestions for Flute & Piano Duets

There is a large selection of music for flute and piano.

There is a vast collection of music for the flute and piano that is perfect for auditions, practice, or to improve your technique. Taking the time to study music from each time period in music will allow you to become a more fluent and accomplished musician. From the Baroque to the Modern Period there are many notable works for flute and piano that should be a part of every flutist's repertoire.

Baroque Period Music

Telemann is a famous composer of flute and piano duets.

The Baroque Period was a time of ornamentation, experimentation, and rich, complex music. This period took place between 1600 and 1750 and is home to the music of composers such as Bach, Vivaldi and Tartini. The following is a list of some wonderful pieces that exemplify this time period in music.

Bach, J.S.: Sonatas in E minor, E major and C major, B minor, A major, Eb major, and G minor.

Corelli: 6 Sonatas Op. 5

Handel: Sonatas in D major, E minor, G major, A minor, E minor, and B minor.

Telemann: Six Suites and Six Concertos

Classical Period Music

Serenade for Flute and Piano is an arrangement of Beethoven's music

The Classical Period of music most commonly refers to music written between 1750 and 1820. The main focus of the Classical Period was one of balance, unity and order. The music of this time period reflects this with clearly identifiable melodies, and a simplicity that the Baroque music did not have.

Beethoven: Serenade for Flute & Piano, Op. 41, Six Themes and Variations for Flute and Piano, Op. 105

Haydn: Concerto in D

Mozart: Concerto in D Major

Quantz: Flute Sonatas and Concerti

Romantic Period Music

Music for Flute and Piano is less common in the Romantic Period

The Romantic Period was a time of individual expression and development. Musical forms and the harmonic language expanded, and the first virtuoso musicians came onto the scene. The Romantic Period refers to music that was written between 1820 and 1900. Take a look at some suggested pieces from this era.

Doppler: Fantasie Pastorale Hongrois

Reinecke: Sonata Op. 167 for Flute and Piano

Saint-Saens: Airs de ballet d'Ascanio

Schubert: Variations on a Theme of Trockne Blume

Modern Period Music

There is plenty of modern music for flute and piano

The Modern Period has several prominent composers, some of which are still alive. This period broadly refers to music written after 1920. The following pieces have been performed by some of the world's modern-day virtuosos. This music is highly intellectual and challenging. Many of the works call for advanced instrumental techniques as well.

Griffes: Poem

Hindemith: Sonata

Messiaen: Le merle noir

Poulenc: Sonata

Ure: Chilled and Queen Mab for Flute and Piano


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