Tips to Whistling With Your Fingers

Whistling with your fingers is possible with a few tricks.

Learning to whistle is something that just about anybody can develop the ability to do. A few tricks will help get you started on the path towards whistling. With a little bit of practice, you will soon be whistling as if you were born knowing how.

Lip Positioning

Tuck your upper and lower lip over your teeth. This will create the necessary tension to create a strong whistling sound. The upper lip and lower lip will provide the necessary formation and pitch of the whistle. Bringing the corners of the lips inwards will create a higher-pitched whistle, while relaxing the corners will create a lower-pitched whistle.

Finger Combination

Several finger combinations are acceptable when creating the proper positioning for whistling. The fingers help to keep the upper and lower lip in position over your teeth. To do this you can use any combination of two fingers. The key to getting a good sound is to point your two fingers inwards and to use the fingers to keep your lower lip tight and stretched.

Tongue Position

The tongue must draw back into a slight curl behind the lower teeth. The tip of the tongue should not touch the bottom of the mouth but aimed towards the bottom of the mouth. Make sure the tongue is slightly behind the lower gums to create a flat front of the tongue. The air will blow over the tongue and between the upper and lower lip. This is what creates the whistling sound.


Breathe in deeply with your diaphragm. Blow out a steady and continuous stream of air over your tongue and beneath your front teeth. If blowing doesn't work, try exhaling instead. Exhaling is sometimes easier to create the desired airflow to whistle with your fingers. As you exhale, continue to move your fingers and find the position that will give you the best sound.


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