Toddler Music Project Ideas

Teach toddlers about music with simple instruments.

There are several projects that can be completed with a toddler to allow them to experiment with and be introduced to music. From constructing simple drums to creating melodic instruments for your child to play, toddlers can learn through tactile approaches to creating music. Creating anything that shakes, rattles or produces pitches through simple means will help you teach your toddler about music.

Creating Songs

Singing with children should begin at a very young age for the best results. Children as young as 3 years old can begin to attempt to imitate songs that parents sing. Attempt to communicate with your child through projects that involve singing. Sing part of a melody and let the child complete the melody using her own ideas. Even if the continuation of the melody is illogical, this sort of training will still help to introduce your child to more complex singing projects as she grows older. Singing a pitch and having your child repeat the pitch, and vice versa will help the child develop pitch discrimination.

Repeating Rhythms

Start by tapping out a number of beats. Keep it short at first, using no more than four beats at a time. The toddler should attempt to play back the same number of beats. At first, playing in tempo is not important. As the toddler improves, he will begin to be able to play the rhythms in time. Eventually, the goal should be to imitate basic rhythms in time.

Hearing Timbres

For this project, set four objects in front of your toddler, then create a duplicate set for yourself. You could have a jar filled with water, a wooden box, a string instrument and a metal object. To complete the project, strike an object and allow the toddler the chance to try to determine which object was struck. As the child improves in her ability to discern timbres, you can add additional items to the set.

Percussion Instruments

Creating percussion instruments with your toddler is a great project to improve her understanding of struck instruments. Create drums by placing several sheets of wax paper over a pot or cookie tin. Develop various types of percussion mallets using rubber balls attached to the end of dowels, or wrapping string around the rubber balls to create softer mallets. You can also create shakers out of Easter eggs filled with rice or tiny pebbles. When shaken, these items will create a sound similar to a maraca.


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