Who Are Cabaret Singers?

Cabaret singers mingle comedy, dance, theater and music in a production that usually takes place in restaurants and nightclubs, which have stages set up for these performances. Several types of cabaret singers fall into categories reflecting the nationality of the style. Often cabaret-style singing occurs while patrons are sitting at tables or dining.

American Cabaret

The rock concert mainly did away with cabaret in America starting in the 1960s. The two main styles of cabaret singing were New York and Chicago cabaret. New York cabaret was far less successful than Chicago cabaret. Chicago cabaret took several of its influences from jazz music and used a large big band ensemble for the background music. Since 1985, burlesque cabaret has been experiencing a comeback.

Dutch Cabaret

The Dutch cabaret entertainers were called kleinkunst in the Netherlands. These entertainers put a greater focus on singing and stand-up comedy than most other forms of cabaret. The Dutch cabaret entertainers often dealt with political issues and used satire to poke fun at the political and societal issues of the time. Dutch cabaret is still going strong.

French Cabaret

In Montmartre, Paris, the first cabaret opened in 1881 and was eventually renamed The Black Cat. French cabaret was less restrictive than other forms of cabaret, and customers did not have to follow the normal societal rules. Men were not required to remove their hats upon entering the building. The entertainment was diverse: jugglers, singers, clowns and dancers entertained guests.

German Cabaret

The German cabaret involved singing, satire, and parodies on current topics. This style of cabaret had very serious undertones and the comedy dealt with serious social issues presented with cynicism and irony. The German cabaret rarely used singers, but when they did, it was to illustrate solemn points.


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