Dampening a Concert Bass Drum

Dampening a bass drum is sometimes necessary if the drum is producing overtones that are not desired. Overtones are natural reverberations of pitch that resonate at regular frequencies above an initial pitch. Sometimes it is necessary to add foam or cloth to the interior of the bass drum to reduce these frequencies. By listening carefully to the sound of the bass drum and applying a muffling material to the correct place inside the bass drum, you can increase the quality of sound.

Step 1: Loosen the screws on the side of your bass drum to remove the bass drum heads using your drum key.

Step 2: Feel around the inside of the drum while tapping the bottom part of the drum head to see what areas create a better sound when covered. Apply duct tape and a small cloth, or 1/8 inch of foam padding that stretches the length of the bass drum, to these areas.

Step 3: Replace the drum head and tune the bass drum back to your desired tuning. Make sure that you turn the tuning pegs an equal amount to avoid creating an unbalanced sound. Turn each screw a half turn and cycle around the drum until the desired tension and pitch is reached.


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