DIY: Speaker Dampening

Damping speakers is necessary for speakers that are too loud or that produce large vibrations that create a rattling sound. The process for dampening speakers is pretty straightforward and can be completed without the need for expensive materials. You can greatly improve the sound of your speakers by knowing where and how to apply batting to the inside of a speaker. You will need to know how to take off the back of your particular speaker, but in most cases, this is completed with few to no tools necessary.

Step 1: Remove the back of the speaker. This process will be slightly different for each speaker. Some speakers allow you to slide off the back, others are set in place by screws. You need to select the right screwdriver, such as flat-head, Philips or hex, to remove the speaker back.

Step 2: Cut the polyester batting to fit the dimensions of the left and right sides of the interior of the speaker. Start with 1/4-inch thick padding and use thicker padding only if 1/4 inch is not enough. Increase the thickness by 1/8 inch until you get the right amount. The correct amount of dampening is largely a personal preference. However, you know when you have enough if the speaker case doesn't rattle, and the sound is no longer distorted.

Step 3: Glue the batting to the interior of the case on both the right and left sides as well as to the back of the speaker. Place the back of the speaker back in place and listen to your newly dampened speakers. If the speakers are still too loud, repeat the process and add 1/8 inch of padding until you get the sound you want.


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