Hiding Wires From a Rear Speaker in a Home Theater

Hiding the set of wires from a rear speaker in a home entertainment system can be accomplished by finding ways to make them blend in with your room. Placement of the speakers is crucial to proper sound production. However, stringing the wires from the TV to the correct position, directly behind you, is something that may require you to rearrange your furniture and install baseboards that will allow you to hide the wires.

Step 1

Replace your original speaker wires with flat speaker wires. These will lay flat against the ground and allow you to paint over the wires. If possible, save yourself a step and purchase speaker wires that match the color of your baseboards.

Step 2

Paint the speaker wires so that they blend in with the baseboards. Apply the paint and then allow the pain to dry for several hours.

Step 3

Run the wire along the baseboards. If you have carpet, see if you can tuck the wires between the carpet and the baseboards, some baseboards are elevated slightly, which makes it possible to tuck the wire under the baseboard. If you have wood floors, secure the wire along the side of the baseboard.

If you are comfortable with pulling your carpet up, you can run the wires underneath the carpet, and then reinstall the carpet when you are done. This isn't as hard as it sounds, most carpet will come loose if you pull up on the corner. The carpet can be replaced by stretching the carpet and then pushing it back in place against the nails. The nails will catch the carpet and hold it in place.

Consider hiring an electrician to run the wires through the wall. This is a great option, since an electrician can install the rear speaker without you seeing any chords.


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