How Can I Change the Pitch of a Song Without Speeding it Up?

Having the knowledge to change pitch without affecting tempo will make it possible for you to edit audio like a professional. Changing the pitch of a song without speeding it up requires the use of an audio editor. There are free and commercial versions available. An audio editor takes a normally complex process and simplifies the steps so that you can edit the audio quickly and easily.

Step 1

Initiate your audio program and drag the audio file you would like to edit into the editing window. This will import your audio and ready it for editing.

Step 2

Find the the "Change Pitch" option under the "Effect" menu. Some programs will list this menu as "Audio Effects."

Step 3

Choose the degree you would like to change the pitch. You can select an exact pitch, or you can use a slider to change the pitch by a percentage. Press "OK" and you are done.


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