How Can I Found Out Beats Per Minute for Songs?

Beats-per-minute refers to the tempo of a song or musical work. Tempo is used to help indicate how fast or slow a piece should progress. Composers will indicate the tempo at the beginning of the score so that the performer knows how to interpret the music. Using a metronome is one way to figure out what the tempo is, but you can also determine the tempo using a stopwatch within less than a minute.

Step 1

Start the music and begin tapping the beat with your foot. Don't confuse the beat with the rhythm. The beat is the steady rhythmic pulse in the music. It is the beat that you normally dance to, or walk in time to.

Step 2

Start the stopwatch and count the number of beats within twenty seconds of time. Write down this number for future reference.

Step 3

Multiply the number you received by three. This will give you the total beats-per-minute for the song. You may use a calculator if it helps.


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