How Do You Get a Soprano Voice?

It is not possible to get a soprano voice unless you are naturally predisposed to singing soprano lines. Most young singers want to sing soprano because sopranos often sing the main roles in operas and musicals. However, it is important to recognize that the voice has certain limitations, and not everyone can be a soprano. The soprano has a narrow and powerful sound that is suitable to playing the part of young girls in opera. Trying to force yourself to sing in a voice classification that is not native to your body will eventually cause damage to your voice.

Step 1

Find music that is comfortable in your range. If you are a soprano, you will have a light voice that is narrowly defined.

Step 2

Determine whether you are mezzo or a soprano by the sound of your voice. It is possible to change the timbre of your voice somewhat. However, a mezzo will have a dark and rich sound; a soprano will have a clear and narrow sound.

Step 3

Sing daily and find a vocal instructor to help guide your singing. If you are a soprano, seek out literature that focuses on the soprano voice. A good text to use is the "Practical Method of Italian Singing: For Soprano or Tenor."

Step 4

Increase your range slowly. The best way to do this is by starting low and singing vocal exercises that slowly increase your range by one step at a time. One good exercise is to sing five pitches in stepwise motion. Sing the notes C - D - E - D - C moving up to E and back down to C. Then repeat this starting on D and going up to F. Continue to do this until your high range increases. Don't stretch your voice; go only as high as is comfortable.


Get a vocal instructor to help identify your voice type. It is important to be certain that you are a soprano and not some other voice type.


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