How Do You Play a G6 Chord?

The G6 chord is used in music to represent that the chord is in major with a sixth added to the top of the chord. This chord is referred to as a G6 in popular and jazz music and is an Em6/5 chord in classical music. Playing this chord is simple once you understand the structure. Numerically, the G6 chord consists of the intervals 1, 3, 5, and 6.

Step 1

Determine how to spell a G chord. In jazz shorthand, a G chord indicates that the chord is in major. A G major chord consists of a G, B, and D.

Step 2

Determine the note that is a sixth away from G. In this case that note is an E. This note will be placed on top of the chord. This is the sixth that gives the name to the G6 chord.

Step 3

Spell the chord from bottom to top with the G in the bass. This will give you the notes G, B, D and E on top. Play this chord on your instrument and make sure you keep the order of the notes.

Step 4

Playing the G6 chord on the piano uses fingers 1, 3, 4 and 5. The first finger is placed on the G, third on the B, fourth on the D and fifth on the E.

Step 5

Playing the G6 chord on the guitar requires the player to place the first finger on the first string and the third fret. The second finger is placed on the third string on the second fret. The third finger is placed on the fourth string on the fifth fret. Finally, the fourth finger is placed on the second string and the fifth fret.


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